Subpico CAT
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WAN Security Appliance

No hard limits on number of user devices, no ongoing licensing

Passive bypass fail modes [on]: boot, NIC and process

Real-time line rate security processing 
Small, noiseless (set-top, 12VDc)
✔ Plug-n-play for non-technical installs
✔ Symmetric: Blocks inbound and outbound malicious traffic
✔ Improves network and streaming performance
✔ In-line passive and independent of your IT LAN
✔ Fully Automated security rule/phishing updates
✔ IPv4/v6 address validation, anti-spoofing
✔ Custom IP/URL filtering, active reverse capabilities
n-Port/GE, 10G, 56G, 100+Gbps, Multi-WAN | HA (1+1), RPS (AC|DC).